Ursula Martinez is a London based theatre maker.

She studied French and Theatre at Lancaster University.

In the mid 90’s she began performing solo on the London club/cabaret scene, and very quickly made a name for herself.

In 1998, with collaborator Mark Whitelaw, she created her first theatre show A Family Outing, an autobiographical theatre piece starring herself and her parents, which received rave reviews at the Edinburgh Fringe.

Martinez and Whitelaw produced two more autobiographical shows, which together with A Family Outing, formed a trilogy entitled ‘Me, Me, Me!’, which was presented at Barbican B.I.T.E 2006.

Other solo shows include My Stories, Your Emails, co-commissied by Barbican and IQUN, and Free Admission, co-commissioned by Southbank, London and Firece Festival, Birmingham.

In 2017 she co-created Wild Bore, an international collaboration with Adrienned Truscott (US) and Zoe Coombs Marr (Australia), commissioned by the Malthouse in Melbourne.

Martinez is an original cast member of the contemporary circus/cabaret phenomena La Clique / La Soirée. She is also an associate artist with iconoclastic performance provocateurs Duckie, with whom she created the smash-hit Olivier Award winning show C’est Duckie!

As a director, Ursula Martinez co-directed award winning Office Party with collaborator Christopher Green,  directed Lucy McCormick’s smash-hit, sell-out show Triple Threat and most recently Leah Shelton in Bitch On Heat.

She is currently making a new show A Family Outing – 20 Years On which will premiere at Perth Festival in February 2019.

For all her thetrical accolades, Martinez is probably most well known for pulling hankies out of her vagina!