A family Outing



Twenty years ago, Martinez created her first show A FAMILY OUTING. Twenty years later, now in her fifties, she attempts to recreate that show, without her Dad, and with her Mum who can no longer remember her lines.

Written by Ursula Martinez and Mark Whitelaw

Directed by Mark Whitelaw

Performed by Ursula Martinez and her Mum Mila








 QUOTES (see PRESS for full articles)

 ‘This is beautiful, delicate work, a show that hides how craftily it is constructed and how deeply it is felt behind a bright and breezy veneer. I loved it.’
 Lyn Gardner (Stagedoor)

‘A moving tender mediation on the passage of time.’
The Australian 

‘…this piece is an opportunity to bond, spend time together, and share something significant and powerful.’
A Younger Theatre 

‘A Family Outing may be about one family but ultimately it is about every family, and for anyone who ponders questions about the passing of time and our place on the continuum.’ 
The West Australian